“Mediation and Arbitration during the coronavirus restrictions”

“Mediation and Arbitration during the coronavirus restrictions”

10.04.2021, 11:15

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected the business and social activity of society around the world, in particular, the areas of arbitration and mediation.

Over the past year, virtual hearings have become an integral part of the life of lawyers working in the field of dispute resolution. All this time, discussions about whether the parties have the right to a face-to-face hearing, whether it is possible to present their position through a monitor screen, etc. did not subside.

In addition, disputes in the energy sector have recently become more frequent, which are considered in international arbitration, in particular, in the London International Arbitration Court, which considers most arbitration disputes.

In connection with the above, one of the sessions of the II International Legal Forum “Tashkent Law Spring” is devoted to the mediation and arbitration during the period of coronavirus restrictions.

During the session, it is planned to discuss the following topical issues:

- Post COVID-19, mediation and other conflict avoidance/appropriate dispute resolution for the infrastructure sector;

- Resolving international arbitration disputes in London;

- Recent developments in resolution of energy disputes and potential role of EDAC as a first energy sector based arbitration centre and others.

The session will be attended by representatives of reputable foreign organizations with extensive experience in the field of mediation and arbitration. In particular, the President of the London International Arbitration Court, representatives of the Singapore Mediation Center, Partner, Head of Arbitration, Al Tamimi & Company and etc.